In addition to on-premise landscapes, we also support our customers with SAP operations in the cloud. With innovative new products and solutions, classic Proactive Management Suite operations automation, and as a trusted advisor and migration/implementation partner.

Cloud Management Stack

Setting up a new SAP operating environment can be complex and fraught with pitfalls. With our Cloud Management Stack, we offer a standardized solution for SAP operation in the cloud, with user management, configuration management, and automatic deployments. Created to accelerate and simplify your path into the cloud.

Proactive Management Suite

Classic operational topics such as backup & restore or high availability are still important in cloud environments. Our Proactive Management Suite can help to extend proven operational processes to include the cloud and make ideal use of the flexibility gained.

Project Phoenix

Deploy SAP systems in any cloud scenario at the push of a button, with proven operational automation and minimal manual effort. This is what we offer with Project Phoenix. Ideal for test and sandbox systems, as well as for smaller SAP system landscapes.


Not everything can be addressed via ready-made products, and even with smaller cloud environments many problems can be avoided by proper planning with our experts at an early stage. Through our experience with customers from a wide range of industries and different system landscapes, we can help you build the ideal cloud environment to meet your exact requirements.