With our PMS software, a central management interface developed with our field-experience has been available to you since 2007. The monitoring, control and automation of complex SAP & non-SAP landscapes is particularly easy with the long-standing basic know-how kneaded into PMS.


Maitenance procedures, updates, backups and other administration processes consume time and resources.


Access control and task delegation is difficult, and rarely meets enterprise requirements.

State of the Art

Moving into new technologies such as SAP HANA and private / public cloud infrastructures can be difficult even for agile IT departments.

Our solution

PMS provides high availability and efficient resource usage, automates reoccuring tasks, and alerts you in case something seems not quite right. And all that while taking modern technology standards such as SAP HANA, cloud, and big data technologies into consideration.

Ready-made feature packages

Quick implementation & easy maintenance

API for custom extensions

No system lockin

Monitoring & Reporting

Watching your SAP and Non-SAP systems, including related databases, operating systems and storage infrastructure.

SAP HANA High-Availability

Automated fail- and switch-over for SAP HANA systems, based on HANA System Replication

Backup & Restore

Orchestration of database backup & restore processes for SAP supported databases

System copy & System refresh

Automated provisiong and refreshing of test and sandbox systems

LaMa Connector

Integration of PMS workflows and infrastructur operationen with SAP Landscape Management

SAP Superuser Management

Central management of users and permissions, as well as logging of activities by SAP administrative users